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Protecting Yourself

From marketing to import, through to customer support NBC-Systems,Natural Promoton is a leading selling expert in various technologies for protection against Nuclear, Radiological, Biological or Chemical threats (CBRN)in Japanease market.

Also We promote various products for keep the vast number of affected people and evacuees safe and secure by natural disaster such as earthquark or tsunami.


“Our mission:Ensure safety of many residents and visitors, including foreign nationals. ”

Case Study

Saving Your life

NBC filtration systems “FAH”are designed, developed, manufactured by BEI (Beth El Industry Ltd., Israel) which is the world leader. Their millions products are delivered civilian, governments, militaries over 80 countries.

USA, Canada, German, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Macedonia, Spain, Portugal, Greek, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Turkish, Estonia, Latvia, India, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Israel, Japan etc.

Without food you can survive 3 weeks, without water 3 days, how many days you can survive without air?

air 350 from UK


'AIR' is
Our energy

Air 350 is a three-stage filtration system suitable for use in nuclear bunkers, panic rooms, and bomb shelters as well as in domestic and commercial environments at high risk from pollution or attack. This system is fitted with a highest-rated H14 HEPA filter, an F9-rated pre filter, and a carbon filter capable of removing all known warfare gases from the air.

“Military Technologies Can Now Save Civilians’ Everyday Lives!”

Air pollution may be a problem you don’t think about, but the truth is – you should. Because nothing is more vital to life than breathing – and the air we breathe, even indoors, is extremely polluted. While pollution is unavoidable, there is a way to ensure the air in your home is as healthy as could be. This solution is air filtration systems.

Disaster Kits

japan bousai

It is important to be prepared for a disaster, but you should keep the danger in perspective. If you must live through a major quake, Japan is probably the best place to do it.  Even in Japan, however, some preparation and pro-active thinking will help your family and home in time of disaster.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We, “Natural Promotion Co., Ltd.”, has been expanding our business throughout Japanese Market mainly dealing with wind turbine business that is successful in Ireland. And from December in 2016, we launched a new business relating to CBRNE/Bousai business. We aim to grow our business that is unique and interesting to promote  awareness of disaster prevention.

We will appreciate any support and cooperation from you who relate to CBRNE/Bousai.

*“Bousai” is Japanese for “disaster preparedness”